Halo Horses Stirrup Leathers


The Halo Horses Leathers come in 54″ in Dark Havana

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The Halo Horses Stirrup Leathers come in  54″ in Dark Havana

What are Stirrup Leathers?

Halo Horses Stirrup Leathers are leather straps that attach the stirrup irons to the saddle. Since the stirrups need to hang on each side, far enough for the riders leg to reach; it is not possible to attach the stirrup irons directly to the saddle. Usually, stirrup leathers (like the Halo Horses Stirrup Leathers) are about 1″ wide and can be adjusted to accommodate the length of the riders legs. We suggest using leather stirrups- over using a synthetic stirrup. Horse tack used for English riding is geared towards assisting the rider in jumping, post a trot, or to lean in closer to the horse.

Buying a gift and don’t know what to choose? No need to worry! At Halo Horses we are passionate about what we do, and love to hear from our customers. We are happy to take the time to listen to the goals of the rider, budget of the parent and offer the best products possible. If you are interested in visiting our mobile boutique, please check out our calendar or Facebook page. If stopping by our Facebook page, please feel free to leave a comment while you are there. We love to hear from our customers and see what you are up to!



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