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    Intrepid Boot Laces

    The Intrepid Boot Laces are 54″ black laces.

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    URAD Boot Polish with Applicator

    The URAD Boot Polish with Applicator is the best way to get your tall boots show-ring ready! This 1.75oz jar comes with a sponge applicator that allows the rider to instantly shine their boots with a single swipe. No buff needed, yet conditions leather and conceals scuffs and marks with one easy step! This smaller sized jar is perfect for traveling or keeping in a show trunk.

    Color: Black Only

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    Ovation Ladies Turin Bianca Half Chaps
    The Ovation Ladies Turin Bianca Half Chaps are beautifully supple, buttery soft, and conform to your leg like a second skin. The elegant overlaid Spanish top with embossed swagger tab adds elegance, while the supple calf panel allows slight stretch for the ultimate in fit and comfort. Made of leather with an elastic side panel.
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