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    Equifit Fleece Cover for Half Pad

    The Equifit Fleece Cover for Half Pad allows you to take everything you love about your Equifit Impacteq or Contour Half Pads into the Hunter Ring! Simply slip over your Equifit Half Pad and you have the perfect technical, yet conservative, half pad.

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    Centaur Circuit Jumping Pad

    The Centaur Circuit Jumping Pad is a favorite on the ‘A’ circuit. This thin but effective pad features a cotton shell with 300 gram polyester fiberfill top and bottom and a 15mm foam center. The fiberfill conforms to the horse’s back and prevents the yellowing so common in white pads. This is truly the ultimate competition pad and is perfect for embroidery! Small quilt pattern.

    Size: 27 1/2″ Wide x 23″ Spine x 21″ Deep

    Color: White

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    Ovation Europa Sheepskin Half Pad
    The Europa Sheepskin Half Pad with plain edges provides the protection of a sheepskin half pad without the added bulk of a rolled edge under your flaps and cantle. The Ovation Europa Sheepskin Half Pad is made from plush premium sheepskin. This saddle pad is both comfortable and luxurious. Regular size that fits saddles 17″ – 18 1/2″.
    Color: White/White
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    Centaur Whales AP Pad Navy/Green

    The Centaur Whales AP Pad in Navy/Green is a fun and fashionable quilted saddle pad. Features green whale embroidery and green piping.

    Size: All-Purpose (AP)

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    Ovation Silicone Anti-Slip Pad
    The Ovation Silicone Anti-Slip Pad is a perforated silicone gel pad that provides lightweight comfort and excellent grip. When placed under the saddle pad the Ovation Silicone Anti-Slip Pad helps relieve sore backs and prevent slipping saddles!
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    Exselle Riser Pad

    The Exselle Riser Pad is a top quality pad from Exselle, constructed with dense, closed cell rubber.

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  • Equifit Non-Slip Contour Pad Select options
    Equifit Non-Slip Contour Pad

    The Equifit Non-Slip Contour Pad is a very unique product that is made with non-slip material and T-Foam™ lined. This pad helps ensure minimal movement and virtually no slipping.

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  • Equifit ImpacTeq Ostrich ImpacTeq Red Select options
    Equifit ImpacTeq Half Pad

    The Equifit ImpacTeq Half Pad is designed to absorb extreme impact, while providing the ultimate protection for both horse and rider. Utilizing Equifit’s ImpacTeq technology, this saddle pad conforms to the contours of the horse’s back, ensuring a secure and custom fit.

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