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    Ovation Fleece Lined Equalizer Girth

    The Ovation Fleece Lined Equalizer Girth is undoubtedly the most comfortable girth on the market. This nylon girth features a soft fleece lining for superior comfort. The Ovation Fleece Lined Equalizer Girth is also easy to wash; just pop it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle and air dry. A center D-ring can be used for attaching additional training devices. Also features double end elastics for even pressure on both sides of your horse. Stainless steel roller buckles allow you to easily slide the girth up and onto your billets.

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    Equifit Belly Band

    The Equifit Belly Band protects and guards against sores and spur rubs around your horse’s girth and barrel. This invaluable necessity is made with breathable, non-neoprene elastic that offers full-coverage protection.

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