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  • EQUI+ Original Bit Butter

    The EQUI+ Original Bit Butter is specially formulated to provide all natural soothing care to your horse’s sensitive lips. It is designed to replenish moisture to dry, callused, and unresponsive areas of your horse’s mouth, thereby increasing communication. Enriched with a special “Mouth Softening Complex”, Original Bit Butter is a palatable blend of natural butters, essential oils, and unique flavoring that encourages acceptance of the bit.

    Size: 2oz Travel Size–Perfect for tack trunks and horse shows!

  • EQUI+Calm Calming Paste 30cc

    Equi+Calm Calming Paste is the flagship product in a new line of equine performance pastes.  Equi+Calm is a “show legal” calming supplement containing no ingredients currently listed on the USEF or AQHA prohibited substances lists. It is a buffered, sugar-free, amino acid formula specially designed to reduce adrenaline. This is achieved by increasing endorphins while protecting the horse’s sensitive stomach. The “Maple Praline” flavored paste flows easily from a 30cc syringe for oral dosing or top dressing on feed.


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