Buying a New Helmet and how to Properly Fit It

Samshield Shadowmatt with Customization

At Halo Horses we care about the well being of our customers who are more often than not also our friends. We like seeing your smiling faces jumping a new fence, learning a new riding skill or memorizing a course before a competition—It’s for that reason that we try to encourage everyone to always wear a helmet even when you’re just trail riding. Yes, we know some helmets are not stylish or don’t look confortable, but they prevent injuries as well as being required at competitions. For our customers, Halo Horses found the perfect helmet that which combines style, comfort as well as safety. That helmet is Samshield. Find these beautiful helmets in two styles: Shadowmatt or Premium here at The following article from The Plaid Horse has great tips on how to fit your self for a new helmet.


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